Amper is digitally transforming the manufacturing industry and we are seeking a driven and disciplined sales leader to join us in getting our solutions in the hands of more manufacturers. Join us as the leader in building Amper’s sales organization at a unique inflection point in our company’s journey. We recently raised a round of venture capital and are looking to quickly grow our team and our sales machine. You will be working closely with the CEO to drive revenue growth.

Our team is passionate about making manufacturers succeed by providing simple and powerful tools to better understand and manage their operations. We replace the "clipboard and paper" with a real-time analytics tool that helps reduce downtime and focus limited resources on things that matter. Innately, we are builders - we love understanding how things are made and, unsurprisingly, love being hands-on in building things ourselves - whether it's our product, customer success journey or our sales process.

Amper is backed by leading venture capital firms like Slow Ventures and SOSV, as well as top entrepreneurs and angel investors. We are based in River West, Chicago IL and our loft-style office has views of the Chicago skyline.

What will you be doing?

    • Improving the repeatability and performance of our outbound sales process
    • Stepping in as an individual sales contributor to refine the process
    • Training, leading and motivating inside sales reps through example
    • Identifying and reducing bottlenecks in the sales process using CRM data
    • Driving a culture of empathetic sales and rigorous, data-driven improvements

    Some reasons you might like working with us:

    • We are a cross-functional team that thrives in collaborating and supporting colleagues
    • Our vision is massive and we have the team, technology and customer base to support that growth
    • We have an insanely talented team that is fast-paced and each in the top of their field
    • We believe that building Amper is a marathon and not a short sprint and we support a balanced life
    • You get to learn a lot very quickly and we trust you to operate with freedom in achieving your mission

    Here are the skills you'll need to be successful:

    • Inside sales experience - both in cold prospecting and closing opportunities
    • Managing sales reps - you need to know how to coach and motivate a team
    • Process and organizational design - you need to be able to help build out the team
    • Sales automation and technology - we leverage software heavily and expect proficiency in using a CRM and other essential sales enablement/marketing tools

    Here's why this might not be a fit for you:

    • Our team is small and missing key skills becomes apparent very quickly. We provide resources to learn and grow (and expect our colleagues to develop skills constantly), but if you don’t want there to be a need to continuously learn and perform, this isn’t the right role.
    • You will need to do a lot yourself - no task is too small or too large for this role. You may need to re-design a presentation, build a sales forecast, or document a boring (but essential to standardize) process. If you’re not a hands-on individual that is motivated to get stuff done (quickly), this role won’t be enjoyable for you.
    • We don’t look at customers as “cash cows” but rather see them as long term partners in our journey to making the industry succeed. We detest the current model of how industrial sales are clunky and poorly designed for customers

    If this role seems like a fit, we would love to learn more about your experience and goals.